Ouija Game Online

Play a Ouija Game online for psychic protection or to release negative energies. Psychic mediums use a Ouija board to connect to the other side by gazing intently into the crystal ball. Crystal gazing is an altered form of visual scrying, in which a skilled medium stares fixedly into a clear crystal ball.

Many mediums say the images present before them are clear and very detailed, often having a very strong spiritual connotation. The visions present may be vague but depending on many psychic mediumistic reports this physical sensation clears up and certain visionary scenes appear. If you are playing an Ouija Game online you need not look directly into the crystal balls; the light rays from the object are enough to show the visions clearly. In fact, a computer game that features an Ouija board will use the light to create the images, such as a game for kids called My Ouija. You can even find computer games online that let you see the crystal balls or your opponents.

However, for many people it is better to use their own Ouija board rather than a piece of computer software. Because there are so many different variations on the theme, your own board can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

Ouija Board Scrying is another form of playing an Ouija Game online. This version uses a specially designed lens to give you clear vision of the crystal balls. However, if you are playing this form of game online with a computer you will only be able to view the objects and their images. With a glass deck you can look directly at the objects, and with real crystal balls you can look at them just like the real ones. This allows you to experience the full power of the process while remaining completely safe with your eyes open.

There are several other forms of using a Ouija board to practice the art of telepathy. For example, the psychic mediums who use them often combine the technique of using the game with an eye patch, so that they can communicate with other people’s spirits without them knowing it. In some cases this can allow the spirits to help the mediums reach out and touch people, or objects. without them even knowing it.

You could also use an Oud in a UV or gas lamp to have the same effect. By using the light from the lamp to gaze into the Oud you are able to see the symbols that represent whatever you wish to contact. By making contact with whatever symbol you want, you can make the other person come and contact you.