July 2020 Online Casinos

We all know the significance of the July 2020 election for the entire nation of Nevada, and the political influence the race for the White House and congressional seats will have on that state’s politics. The race for Nevada’s lone Congressional seat, however, is one that is being viewed with even more interest and concern than the presidential contest. This race pits Democratic nominee, former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto against Republican nominee, former state assemblyman Jacki Lee Fisher. As a former Nevada Democratic National Committeewoman, I’ve seen these types of races before and this one is no different, except for one thing.

This race is truly a battle between the policies and principles of the Democratic Party’s platform versus the conservative ideology of the Republican Party’s platform. In the past, the Nevada congressional delegation has been pretty evenly divided between the two parties. Each of the districts was represented by a member of the same party. The only real difference was that the members of the minority party were allowed to sit with both parties, but they had limited influence in the process. This is not the case in this race.

This year, Fisher, a former police officer and prosecutor, is running against a woman who has been a prosecutor and is well known by her name: Jackie Fisher. While the Republican ticket is taking shots at the Democratic Party and its agenda, this race is about more than a party; it’s also about principle.

As we all know, the Federal Trade Commission has been attempting to increase the power of the government in the realm of online gambling. A few weeks ago, the FTC sent a letter to all online casinos informing them that their online games required them to pay out millions of dollars in penalties, as a result of their failure to comply with the law. In addition to this letter, the FTC has also sued a number of online casinos and their operators, including Absolute Poker.

Although the lawsuit against Absolute Poker isn’t actually about the legality of the site, the casino itself is what has drawn so much attention to it. Because the FTC is suing the operator, the company is not free to operate from Nevada. In fact, the company faces a number of felony charges and could face the loss of its casino license, if convicted.

For some people, the issue is less about the casino itself and more about the owner. The owner has donated quite a large sum of money to Democrats and other liberal causes, such as President Obama’s campaign. and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Fisher, in contrast, has made a number of contributions to the political campaigns of conservative politicians and has given an interview to talk radio shows owned by conservative talkers.