Best Games for Ps4

The PlayStation 4 has taken the gaming world by storm, leaving the Xbox 360 in its dust. While Sony’s emphasis was always on a great all round entertainment device, Microsoft focused was still on the games. Many big studios such as Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Games, and returning Insomniac Games have been instrumental in the success of the new console.

But what about the rest of the games? What about the ones that you might not have heard of, or maybe even played?

I’ve never heard of any of the games that you can download and play for free on your PS4. Most of the games on the PlayStation Store are first person shooter and role-playing games. While I’m sure many of these games would be interesting to play on my PC, I would think that I’d find them a little bit boring. But I think that Sony has realised the fact that a lot of the people that buy a PlayStation are people who don’t want to be constantly shooting to kill, but are just fans of games that require a bit more thought. This is why there are games that are more puzzle oriented, and not first-person shooters.

There are a few games available on the PlayStation Store that you can actually play without paying anything, which is a nice touch. These include arcade games, card games and racing games. I haven’t found any of the racing games that I’ve been looking for, so I will have to stick with playing card games and arcade games for a while. But, for the most part, the paid games on the store are just what you would expect them to be.

The problem I have with the paid games is that some of the games are actually more enjoyable on a PS4 than on an Xbox. For example, I bought a game called ‘Jet Set Radio’, and while it looks and sounds great on Xbox, it is much better on PlayStation. There’s no doubt about this; it’s one of the most realistic looking racing games on the market right now, and also one of the most fun to play.

So, what are the best games for PS4? I would say that there are literally hundreds, but I don’t know which ones you prefer the most. I am sure that you’ll have your own favorites that you’ll buy on both platforms. It’s up to you which you prefer, either get the paid version or get the free versions.

Best Games for Ps4
Best Games for Ps4