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If you are looking for a way to improve your mental abilities or improve the level of mental agility in your body and mind, then I would recommend using online games as they will help your brain to be more flexible and more easily learn new things. Here are some tips on how you can get started with the use of video games to improve your mental skills and agility in your mind:

One popular game that can help improve the level of your mental agility is the card guessing game. You can play this game alone or with friends and family. The basic idea of the game is that you have to guess the card that is hidden in a pack of cards and is located somewhere in the pack. After you guess the card, the player has to rewind the game and start the process again. This is one game that will help improve your concentration and your memory and will allow you to focus better on the tasks at hand.

Card counting games are also great for improving your ability to count. There are many types of these games and each one of them has its own set of rules and tricks so you will need to practice your skills to master all of them.

Word puzzles are also great for improving your memory and for your brain. These are a fun type of game that can be played alone or with a group of friends.

Another type of game that is very similar to these but with more complex is the Sudoku puzzle game. If you are familiar with the traditional Mahjong games, then these will be very similar to these games and you can even use your imagination by adding or rearranging of the squares of the board to create new patterns.

As you can see, there are various types of games for you to try to improve your mental agility. All of these games can be found online and you can find them at websites dedicated to games and computer games.

There are also sites that provide you with links for all of the websites that offer online games for you to download for free. These games can be downloaded in order to save the files onto your computer and then used to play with other people online.

If you prefer the physical copies, you will also find them online. They can be purchased through websites that specialize in video games for personal computers.

Mental agility can be improved through the use of these games and these are just a few examples of the type of games that can help improve your skills. There are many other types of games that are designed for specific purposes, so you can choose games based on your goals.